Have it your way!

Next to producing our own collection, we design, customize and produce custom products for other brands on a regular basis.

We love to collaborate with our partners. We enjoy designing our own products but we enjoy creating special items for other parties just as much. This can be done by using our designs, and adding your own packaging or we can design a product according your specifications.

If you have anything in particular you want to have designed/developed, please let us know, and we will create something specially for you. Contact us by sending an e-mail to: marije@globalaffairs.nl to find out more.

Some of our partners are

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam / Artis Royal Zoo / London Transport Museum / Mercis BV (Miffy) / TTS group United Kingdom / St Pauls / TATE Britain / Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam / Naturalis Biodiversity Centre Leiden