Colourful 2017

For 2017 new in our collection is an extended range of brooches, felt combined with fine embroidery. Great for kids, but just as wonderful for grown-ups.

You can wear them on your coat, bag, shirt or where  ever you please. The Mask collection has been  extended with Dinosaurs masks. And the Miffy range has been expanded with Felt finger puppets and brooches. Many things for hours of joyful playing.


  • Brooches Cats assorted

  • Brooches Tropical

  • Brooches Over the rainbow

  • Brooches Miffy NL assorted

  • Brooches Summer

  • Brooches NL Icons

  • Brooches Sea animals

  • Brooches Koala Bears assorted


  • Crochet Donkey Rattles Organic Cotton

  • Crochet Music Elephant L. Blue

  • Crochet Music Elephant Coral

  • Crochet Music Unicorn Pink

  • Crochet Elephant Pink Organic Cotton

  • Crochet Unicorn Pink Organic Cotton

  • Crochet Music Hippo Petrol

  • Crochet Music Hippo Coral

  • Crochet Hippo Petrol Organic Cotton

Bracelets & Necklaces

  • Bracelet Peru Pom Bright

  • Necklace Peru Pom Bright

  • Necklace Peru Pom Soft

  • Bracelet Peru Pom Grey

  • Necklace Peru Pom Grey


  • Hairclips cloud assorted

  • Hair Elastic Pink Swallow

  • Hair Elastic Pompom Pink

  • Out of stock

    Hairclips Tropical

  • Hairclips Pink Swallow

  • Hairclips Fox Assorted

  • Hairclips Shiny Stars


  • Miffy Fingerpuppets Farm

  • Miffy Coat Rack Airplane White

  • Brooches Miffy NL assorted

  • Miffy Fingerpuppets Zoo


  • Felt Masks Dinosaurs

  • Felt Masks Happy