Our Story

In 1998 Annette Klein Bog made her hobby of travelling the world into a day job. She started a wholesale company by importing lifestyle products, kids toys and home accessories from India and China.

At this moment, Global Affairs consists of a team of enthusiastic people who develop and produce colourful interior accessories and childrens’ toys.

What do we develop/produce?

Global Affairs collection

Marije Couprie is our in-house designer, who is in charge of developing our own Global Affairs collection.

This collection mainly consists of cuddle toys (knitted, stitched and woven fabrics), fashion- and hair accessories for children and felt decorations.

We also collaborate with leading designers such as Christian Borstlap. He developed the concept for Plentimals, which is marketed and produced by Global Affairs.

After just having celebrated our 20th anniversary, we are proud to say we now sell our collection to retailers all over the world. This includes small independent boutiques, large warehouses and hotels, but also famous museums such as TATE Britain/Modern, Musée Fondation Louis Vuitton, Centre Pompidou, MOMA and Bauhaus.

Private label

Next to producing our own collection, we also develop bespoke products for private label customers (i.e. museums, educational groups and zoos). Either we personalize items from our own collection (adjusted design, own logo and packaging) or guide the whole process from drawing board to a final product with barcode ready to be sold.

Examples of private label customers are international museums such as the Van Gogh Museum, Musée D’Orsay and TATE Britain, and retailers like Dille en Kamille and the WAAR shops.


Together with our licence partners Mercis, Rubinstein and the Van Gogh Museum we develop colourful products based on famous persons and characters like Van Gogh and Miffy and stories as The Mouse Mansion and The Daily Fable.

The products are developed with many respect for the original designs, but on the other hand are given new meaning and glossiness.


Where are our products made?

Our suppliers are based in China, Peru, Sri Lanka and India. Most of our products are handmade. We work with small scale producers, mostly led by woman, which we visit on a regular basis. This is in order to build and maintain a strong working relationship, but also to assure a production according to our standards: sustainable and a good working environment. We work with certified suppliers only.

Office Team

Annette Klein Bog

Managing Director

Franciska Binkhorst

Projects & Sales

Marije Couprie

Creative Director

Jeannette van Benthem

Office manager