Our Story

Welcome the colourful world of Global Affairs (founded in 1998).
You can find our collection all over the world – from small independent shops and concepts stores to malls and museums like Voorlinden, Singer Laren, Louisiana, TATE Britain/Modern, the National Gallery and MoMA New York.

We take inspiration from anything around us and want to take you on a positive journey, inspired by beautiful things such as nature, art and culture.
Twice a year, we turn this inspiration into a cheerful and quirky collection.
Our aim is to craft gifts that bring colour and joy, whilst respecting our planet and ensuring our suppliers get a fair share.

The joy of gifting
We envision a colourful world where the act of gifting is not only a source of joy but also a powerful force for positive change.
Experience the joy of gifting, believing that every product is a canvas for creating moments of happiness. Embrace a culture of generosity;
a powerful tool for positive change, bringing joy to those giving and those receiving. Or as an act of self-care, you gift yourself.

Timeless and colourful design
Appreciate enduring quality with designs that stand the test of time. Immerse yourself in products of quality materials, vibrant colours and thoughtful
design that sparks creativity.

Designed and manufactured with love and care
We are committed to a social and environmental responsibility of our business, so we can be part of a green and peaceful future. We use sustainable
choices of material (recycled and organic textile) and FSC paper and try to minimise individual packaging.

Craftsmanship and our makers
We caress the beauty of (mostly) handmade products, crafted with an eye for detail that ensures each piece is a work of art in itself.
It’s about celebrating traditional crafts and ensuring our makers receive a fair share, contributing to a sustainable and equitable future.

We have been working with most of our suppliers since the very start. We choose to work with small certified suppliers and visit them on a regular basis to see the working process and meet the makers – this personal contact is very important to us and results in a valuable, respectful collaboration, always working with mutual respect.