Meet our art director Marije!

Developing a concept, designing, collaborating with clients, drawing; Marije develops her skills as much as possible. She already has carried out quite a few cool projects: do you happen to know the Van Gogh doll for example? 😉

Marije has been responsible for (almost) all designs and projects within Global Affairs for the past 7 years. Because we are so happy that Marije is part of our team, we think it is time to put a spotlight on her! Find out who the person is behind all our nice designs.

Tell us about yourself!
My career as an art director started at Academy Vogue, an academy for styling and design, in Amsterdam. The city where I live with my two daughters Silver (9 years) and Jewel (7 years) and my husband Yvo. At the time, I worked at an advertising agency and was annoyed by the fact that I had to pass on all creative tasks to my colleagues. That is why I quickly decided to go to the Academy, which I did during my job at the advertising agency. After a while I ended up at Global Affairs via a small detour. I discovered that my heart is much more in designing physical products. As an art director, I convert concepts and ideas into images which are then converted into a real product. I think that’s the best thing there is.

Together with the Global team I work hard to make Global Affairs the most beautiful brand possible. What makes my work so much fun is that I am busy every day developing something new for Global Affairs or a custom-made product for one of our customers. I can make beautiful things with professionals like the Dutch store chain ‘Dille en Kamille’ or Musee d’Orsay. For my job, I also get to travel to special places: we have just finished a trip to China for example. But even the smallest things make my work varied and beautiful: I receive weekly e-mails from mothers, fathers or grandparents asking whether we can help them obtain a new cuddly toy, because their (grand) child has lost his or her favourite one.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Where not? Of course, my own girls are a source of inspiration. They are also my biggest fan at the same time and ‘find everything that Mama makes beautiful’. Silver also wants to become an art director when she grows up, super funny. I also get my inspiration from travels, trade shows I visit or collaborations with clients. I really can not think of a specific thing or person … where do I get my inspiration from? I have really no idea ..!

Which product or project are you most proud of?
I am proud of, very cliché, all projects and products. I think we can be very proud of the product line we created and the projects that we are allowed to do. My ‘all time favourites’ are the knitted dolls. I like the characters very much and the fact that they are simply timeless. I can not imagine that they would quickly disappear from our collection. I also like to work on the accessories, to come up with new colours and figures. Thinking about designing a ring to come with a particular necklace or not… To think about what children from 3 to 8 years like, what suits them and, very important, what the trends are.

In terms of projects, we have been able to do a lot of cool things lately. I mentioned earlier one of the products that we were asked to design for the Van Gogh Museum, but also for Dille and Kamille, for example, we have designed a very nice collection. Unfortunately I can not show you anything yet, but I would definitely recommend you to visit their children’s department soon! The best thing about the projects is that I can completely place myself in the customer’s shoes. It excites me to make something that fits exactly with that one particular customer.

What project or product are you working on now?
At the moment I’m working on setting up a new line within our own collection. I can not say much about it yet, but it is going to be very cool. Okay, I will give a little hint… It’s becoming a more exclusive bags-and-accessory-line than our customers are used to. Within this line we use materials that we have not used before. A nice new challenge! We are also working on many fun projects for Rubinstein, Mercis and 25hours hotels. So keep following us on Facebook and Instagram!

Where do you see yourself in the future?
I like to continue working the way I do now. What I am very enthusiastic about is that after 7 years at Global Affairs I have been asked to become a business partner. So you understand that I can not be more proud than this at the moment. And in the meantime I just keep making nice products!