Meet the Makers: Marina from Jiangsu Province

We’re proud to introduce our supplier Marina from Jiangsu Province, China. She works together with a team of 50 women in Rudong County area, surrounded by coleseed fields.

Marina and her all-female team are specialists in crocheting and work with cotton and bamboo. Our dolls, rattles and music boxes are all made by hand by them. We have been working together since 2007. The first items they made for us were our classic animal jungle rattles – and we have worked together ever since!

We think it’s important to support small factories and have close contact with Marina. She makes sure her employees have work outside of the harvesting season. They work from home, surrounded by their family and friends.

It all starts in the factory, where samples are made of the products. For the production, all home workers receive one prototype and the necessary yarns in the right colours. After that the ladies can start crocheting or knitting, while having a chat and drinking tea. Because all these different ladies make the products by hand, all our items are unique.

Once a year, Marije and Annette visit Marina (at least, when it’s possible. Hopefully again soon!) When we visit, we make sure to check if conditions are good, and we have a cup of tea or dinner together. These photos were made during visits in 2018 and 2019. 

We are very proud to work together with this small company of women and hope to be working together for a long time to come!

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